Memcached Java Client with sample program--reference

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In my previous post,I listed down most common telnet commands for memcached with sample execution terminal logs. Today I want to discuss about the Memcached Client program available in Java language.

There are three most widely used memcached client programs in java

  1. xmemcached
  2. spymemcached
  3. gwhalin memcached client

I have used Greg Whalin memcached client and found it easy to understand and use. It provides all the basic functionalities with thread pooling. Its available under BSD license and you can download it from below URL:

Once you have downloaded the source code you can create a java project and copy all the java classes and then use it.

To help you get started quickly,I am providing a sample program to showcase the usage of basic functions that can be performed with memcached server.

package com.journaldev.memcached.test;

import java.util.HashMap;

import com.meetup.memcached.MemcachedClient;
import com.meetup.memcached.SockIOPool;

public class MemcachedJavaClient {

     * MemcachedJavaClient program to show the usage of different functions
     * that can be performed on Memcached server with Java Client
     * @param args
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        //initialize the SockIOPool that maintains the Memcached Server Connection Pool
        String[] servers = {"localhost:11111"};
        SockIOPool pool = SockIOPool.getInstance("Test1");
        pool.setServers( servers );
        pool.setFailover( true );
        pool.setInitConn( 10 );
        pool.setMinConn( 5 );
        pool.setMaxConn( 250 );
        pool.setMaintSleep( 30 );
        pool.setNagle( false );
        pool.setSocketTO( 3000 );
        pool.setAliveCheck( true );
        //Get the Memcached Client from SockIOPool named Test1
        MemcachedClient mcc = new MemcachedClient("Test1");
        //add some value in cache
        System.out.println("add status:"+mcc.add("1","Original"));
        //Get value from cache
        System.out.println("Get from Cache:"+mcc.get("1"));

        System.out.println("add status:"+mcc.add("1","Modified"));
        System.out.println("Get from Cache:"+mcc.get("1"));

        //use set function to add/update value,use replace to update and not add
        System.out.println("set status:"+mcc.set("1","Modified"));
        System.out.println("Get from Cache after set:"+mcc.get("1"));

        //use delete function to delete key from cache
        System.out.println("remove status:"+mcc.delete("1"));
        System.out.println("Get from Cache after delete:"+mcc.get("1"));

        //Use getMulti function to retrieve multiple keys values in one function
        // Its helpful in reducing network calls to 1
        String [] keys = {"1","2","3","INVALID","5"};
        HashMap<String,Object> hm = (HashMap<String,Object>) mcc.getMulti(keys);

        for(String key : hm.keySet()){
            System.out.println("KEY:"+key+" VALUE:"+hm.get(key));


Output of the above program is:

add status:true
Get from Cache:Original
add status:false
Get from Cache:Original
set status:true
Get from Cache after set:Modified
remove status:true
Get from Cache after delete:null
KEY:1 VALUE:null

If you want to connect to multiple memcached servers then you will have to create multiple SockIOPool instances and then use the same name while getting the MemcacheClient instance. 



        MemcachedClientBuilder builder=new XMemcachedClientBuilder(

          MemcachedClient memcacheClient=new MemcachedClient(
                    new InetSocketAddress("",11211));


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