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Plus0ne Project Requirements
Plus0ne is an early stage startup based in San Francisco,California. The product of Plus0ne is a web app for creating events and allowing guest interactions in a way that doesn’t require sign-ups or being attached to a specific platform. It is designed to be used on a mobile phone,however a user may use it on a desktop/laptop computer without any loss of features.

Project scope:
Plus0ne team has a prototype that needs to be expanded with new features and reskinned with new UX designs.

●Facebook integration to access friends’ list to invite guests
●Phone integration for invites
●Auto suggestion when typing names of the guests
●Messaging ability within app between host and guests
●Address location autosuggestion/verification using google maps or places api
●Update app with new UX designs (will be provided)

Nice to have:
●LinkedIn/Instagram integration to access friends’ list to invite guests
●Ability to mass invite guests

Project success criteria:
The product roadmap is extensive,however for the purposes of this project course,it is limited to a list of features. By the end of the course,the project will be considered successful if it meets the following criteria:
●Students are able to self-manage and distribute the work among the team members in a way that benefits the overall delivery efficiency

代写web app作业、代做web编程语言作业
●Students have built on and demonstrated features working on the web application on a live/production website
●Students have demonstrated an ability to learn and adapt based on the feedback,clear communication and willingness to deliver good quality product
Other considerations:
Meetings will be conducted remotely over Slack.

Communication will be established via emails and Slack.
Upon project completion,students may be invited to continue collaborating on the product development,based on performance,goals alignment and teamwork success.
Code to be submitted to Github. All code produced by students will belong to Plus0ne founders.

Stack Choices / Project Design:
○React Typescript
■Version: >6.5.0
○VSCode editor preferred / Codesandbox as an alternative.
○Sketch App or Adobe XD for UI assets.

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